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Szukam książki

Szukam książki


Kod produktu: K9379
Wydawnictwo: INNE
Rok wydania: 1997
Format książki: 230 x 145 mm
Ilość stron: 288
ISBN: 9781857938463
Okładka: miękka
Stan ogólny:

bardzo dobry

Uwagi: minimalne otarcia krawędzi okładki, delikatne przybrudzenia boków, wydanie anglojęzyczne
Punkty rabatowe: 330 pkt.
Cena: 33,00 zł

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Opis książki

Most people have a preconcieved image of Edward VII: a short, stocky man with a distinctive beard, more noted for his lascivious disposition and passion for sports than diplomatic gestures. Like most caricatures, the picture bears an element of truth. This biography of Edward VII however, sets out to show that he was a more successful king than he was given credit for. It seeks to go beyond the myth to present a picture of Edward as both monarch and family man. The book covers his years as Prince of Wales, the strictly regimented upbringing, the death of Prince Albert and the scandals resulting from his private affairs. This leads on to coverage of his years as king. While the book looks at aspects of Edward VII's constitutional life as king, it is primarily a study of the man whose personal impact on society was of paramount importance in the establishing of an era. His marriage to the highly influential Alexandra is also re-examined as a partnership of enduring affection which withstood all his womanizing and also challenged accepted ideas of child-raising. The golden age of the country-house party, sporting celebrations and diplomatic pursuits are captured in early photographs.
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